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As a result of our constant efforts and of our agreements with the well-known payment platform, PaymentWall, we have managed to provide you with different payment methods and languages according to your current location.
Exclusive payment by country
If you enter TornadoCard from your country, you will find several guides to help you use the different Payment Methods to get your cards, explained step by step.
TC in your favourite games
If you are really enthusiastic about Online Games or you want to give your friends or colleagues a gift, you can use TornadoCard to get extraordinary and precious items in the most well-known Online Games Websites.
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Increase your amount of coins in game with TornadoCard. You'll be rewarded with a bonus in all your purchases if you get your coins from the game you play with TornadoCard cards.
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Take part in special events for users registered in TornadoCard and get great items for your favourite game with no need of waiting or achieving unreachable goals.
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Your transacations with TornadoCard are 100% Secure. We do not ask for financial information of any kind. We only need some personal information in order to provide you with amazing perks and give you a special treatment since the beginning.
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